Its been my dream for years now to have a little veggie patch on my backyard. There have always been plenty of excuses like why bother in rental property or too little time or not enough knowledge. Well, at the end of 2013 my dream came true when my dad made it happen. The patch is only small, but he managed to plant there 2 different types of mint, parsley, basil, dill, cucumber,snowpeas, beans, strawberries, rasberries, rhubarb and passionfruit. I can report that the herbs grow extremely well and so far we have picked probably around 30 cucumbers from our patch! Strawberries struggle with the Queenslander heat, but still hanging in there. Soon we can pick beans for dinner and as for the rasberries, rhubarb and passionfruit- they should start producing within 2 years. Its awesome to grow your own food, especially when you have a gardener in your family. Thanks dad!