It is challenging to have a newborn and a toddler to look after and I would lie if I didn’t say that some days just feel like a blur. It definitely doesn’t feel like two months have passed already, cause every day feels similar to the previous one. With the hardship also come some of the most precious moments of life. Your little one smiling at you for the first time or your toddler having a first conversation with his new sibling….these moments and many others are so beautiful and amazing that if I only could I would frame them all. Last week we had our dear friend Margit staying with us for some time, which by the way was a wonderful surprise organised by Jonathan for me as a part of my birthday present.  Margit is not only beautiful, kind, always happy, fun, considerate, amazing and a true friend, but also very talented photographer (!/MargitSelgPhotographer and She took time from her busy life to stay with us and help me out. She  played with Kaspar when I was rocking Lola to sleep, she held Lola, when I was preparing lunch for Kaspar and she cleaned the kitchen when I was busy with the kids again. One day Margit followed me around and captured these beautiful and honest moments, when Lola wasn’t feeling her best. Thank you so much Margit for being such an amazing friend and also taking these pictures, I will treasure them forever.