Couple of months ago I had a pleasure to be part of Maya & Jorma’s amazing wedding in Estonia. If you have ever visited Estonia, you would know what a wonderful and beautiful place it is. You would also know, how unpredictable the weather can be and planning an outdoor wedding is a big gamble. Well, Maya and Jorma took one, and it paid off big time. Their ceremony was held in the apple orchard of Tammistu manor, which offered such a gorgeous backdrop for this heartwarming  and special occasion. Despite of stormy clouds, not a single drop of rain fell down in Tammistu. Day included some traditional wedding games and Maya’s family name was sent off to the sky with a spectacular fireworks. Party continued in a fairy light filled barn and everyone rocked on the dance floor (read: barn floor) until midnight. What a day!!!! Thank you so much, Maya and Jorma, for having me there and I hope these photos will help you keep your memories of your special day alive forever! Love, Cris