I feel so lucky and privileged when someone asks me to shoot their family photos. I get to meet so many amazing everyday people who might not be outstanding because they have multi-million dollar business or they have managed to climb Mt Everest, but they are simply amazing because they know how to live well and love well.

Here is a family of Richard and Heather with their daughters Maria and Simone with families of their own. Right away, when I arrived to Maria’s suggested location for our photo shoot at Lockrose, I fell in love with the charming homestead which was absolutely perfect as a backdrop. The beautiful home had belonged to Heathers family for generations and was only recently sold. Photo shoot was one last chance for the whole family to say goodbye to this beautiful place and have it captured on photos to be remembered forever.

Although the location was amazing, it was the people’s love for each other that touched my heart the most. My very favourite moment of the day was when towards the end of our shoot I was gathering all the grandkids to the balcony and I happened to glance over to under the house where Richard was sitting in his wheelchair. I saw Heather sitting on Richard’s lap leaning gently against his chest- no posing, no guidance, no perfect background, just pure love. These two sitting there together was an absolute perfection to me and made some of my favourite photos of all time.

Love is beautiful!