Now that spring is here and temperature has hit 30 again, its nice looking back to this cold but absolutely stunning winter wedding day. It was my first wedding at Preston Peak Winery just outside Toowoomba and what a gorgeous venue! From the little cottage for bride to get ready to an amazing chandelier above the dance floor, not to mention the spectacular views over nearby valley- everything was just perfection at Preston Peak. In addition to that, their staff happened to be the friendliest and most helpful I have ever encountered when shooting weddings. Thanks so much Jamie Lee and the team.

I knew that Carolyn was always going to look gorgeous, but the way she rocked her Wendy Makin gown exceeded all my expectations. Timeless, elegant and a whole lot more!

As you might have noticed I love little details and thoughtful things:) Wow, this wedding had it all. Although Carolyn’s dad had passed away, she had him with with her every step of the way. The photo of him and her as a little girl sewn inside her dress was such a beautiful touch. And if that wasn’t enough, Carolyn was wearing a necklace that had been passed down in her family for generations. Carolyn’s great grandmother wore it first at her wedding on the 19th of August 1914! The fact that Carolyn and Anthony had chosen exactly the same date 103 years later to get married was a pure coincidence. It still gives me chills writing about it.

Thanks so much Carolyn and Anthony for having us there to capture your perfect day.